Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ReSyZyGy Talks

In the spirit of David Dunlap, I have re-invigorated the SyZyGy Lecture Series. These talks invite local faculty, staff, and other folks who have a story to tell. We work with so many people everyday, and commonly we have never seen their work, or heard their stories. Adam Kruger presented first and had some amazing stories- this guy has no inhibitions when it comes to putting himself on the line in pursuit of his work. And David Dunlap unveiled a bit of his history, explaining an ark of all the books he'd ever read, and how is daughters, Emma and Nelle, are inextricably linked to his work. Finally, Nacho Zamora gave an inspiring talk about his work as a curator and entrepreneur in the field of solar art.

Each talk is followed by a creativity rally, where we sometimes make things, and play music with lights and dance.