Saturday, March 10, 2012

Region4: Transformation Through Imagination!!!

It has finally come! The show opened last weekend and is off to a great start. I was blown away by all of the great work there- interactive video, painting, drawing, performance/video/installation, architectural models, photographs.... all shedding positive light on the Cabott/Koppers Superfund Site in Gainesville Florida! And the turnout was good too- easily a couple hundred people throughout the evening. Thanks to all the collaborators, the Superfund Art Project is such a great example of how art can engage a community, and deal with difficult issues, expanding science and bringing people together!

Carl Reed at UF

Last year I worked as the Administrator of the Public Art Program at the University of Florida.  I coordinated a few public art projects, but was also responsible for tackling some much-needed maintenance of existing works. One of these works was an outdoor installation by artist Carl Reed. It was site-specific and consisted of a wooden gate/arch, several granite and limestone boulders, and one larger granite boulder composition. Many years ago the work was moved and re-sited without consulting the artist, and as of last year the wooden gate had begun to rot significantly. I started this project with Carl, but was not around to see it finished....until last weekend. It was really spectacular to see the renovation! The gate was re-made in concrete and bronze, and the other elements were re-configured and re-sited on the original site. The piece really creates an anchor and a sense of history for this site, as well as a great place for sitting amongst the trees and buildings. Great job Carl!!!