Wednesday, October 23, 2013

After Trillium: Solar Powered Robotic Sculpture

I've recently installed After Trillium, a solar powered robotic sculpture inspired by the Iowa native Trillium flower. The sculpture is made of cast aluminum and kiln-formed glass and uses custom electronics to respond to changes in the local environment. The flower opens each morning and closes each night and is illuminated from within for 4hrs after dusk.  The main environmental response is determined by temperature, which controls how far the flower opens each day. In winter, when the temperature is below freezing, the flower remains in a dormant stage and does not open. Through the warmer months, the flower opens more and more each day until it is in full bloom during the hottest part of summer. I see this sculpture as a bridge between technology and nature and something that makes a direct correlation between a physical form and unseen forces in nature. After Trillium was commissioned for the Iowa River Landing Wetlands Park in Coralville, Iowa and was inspired by the poem Arboretum by Iowa author Mark Levine.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall In...Art and Sol

Throughout this month in Michigan, a really unique exhibition of solar art is happening and it is the first of its kind on this scale. Twenty large solar powered art works have been installed by artists from all over the world. Everything from outdoor sculpture, large-scale installations, interactive sculpture, and architectural installations are represented in this amazing debut of solar art titled, "Fall In...Art and Sol". Artists from London, Israel, Italy, and all over the US have work in the exhibition. The festival is an initiative of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance and is supported by local businesses, civic associations and the regional Convention and Visitors Bureau. Fall In...Art and Sol is the brain-child of Diana Tomlin, the festival director. Tomlin came up with the idea after being hired on with the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance with the goal of highlighting art and culture in the region as a way to bring positive economic impact to the region. Solar power soon became apparent to her as a unique aspect to focus on after learning how scientists where experimenting with the aesthetics of solar panel production. Furthermore, this region has quite a history of entrepreneurship in relation to solar technologies and exploring the connections between solar technology and art became the focus of the festival. Curator Nacho Zamora was brought in from Dubai for his unique expertise working with artists through his project Solar Artworks. Zamora has been working internationally with artists who make public art and architectural installations that use solar technologies for the past few years. As both an artist and collaborator in this project, I have had a unique inside view of the whole thing. In addition to putting truly unique solar powered art in the public's eyes, there was a really amazing educational initiative that allowed over 800 public school students to create solar art projects that are also on display throughout the region. Overall, the festival is impressive on many levels and a great example of how local businesses and cultural organizations can work together and how public art can create cultural richness that is accessible, educational, and inspiring!

If you happen to be in the area, the exhibition is up through the end of the month. More information and a map can be found at the website for Fall In...Art and Sol

Deedee Morrison: Charm

Tom Moran: Sphere

Loop.pH: SOL Dome

Andrew Woodard: Marquee Three

Justin Schortgen: Trance-Lumines-Sense

O*GE Group: Night Garden

Craig Colorusso: Sun Boxes

Jim Busby: Ti Sculpture

Eleonora Nicoletti: Dancing Screen

Wonjae Lee: Solite

Steven Gutierrez: Solar Night

Steven Fairfield: Glory Pipes

Anthony Castronovo: Regeneration Project

Dawnice Kerchaert: Color Column

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Regeneration Project

Earlier this month I installed this piece, Regeneration Project, in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The installation consisted of about 60 small solar flowers built by middle and high school students in Michigan's Bay Region....and I made two larger flowers. The students created some really unique and beautiful flowers!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Solar Flower Kit & iRenew

This weekend we did more workshops with the Solar Flower Kit , this time with iRenew at their Hiawatha Training Center. Thank you iRenew for hosting this, and thanks to all the participants who came out!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Pics....

Here are a few more pictures of what the sculpture looks like now. Next I'll add the solar panels...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello all, this update is long overdue! I've been working on a new sculpture for the Iowa River Landing Sculpture Park in Coralville, IA. The sculpture is called After Trillium, and is solar powered and robotic. I have cast all of the parts in aluminum and kiln-formed the glass petals. I am super excited about the new pv design and look forward to assembling!

After casting, pieces welded together:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Destination Moon Solar Music Festival!

Unfortunately things changed and I'm not going this year...but next year I will plan on being at :

Destination Moon later this summer and really looking forward to it. I will be showing the new Moon Flower sculpture and doing workshops with the Solar Flower Kit. The sculpture is a solar powered robotic flower that opens and closes and illuminates at night. Similar to Heliotropis, the Moon Flower will have sensors that respond to changes in light, temperature, and motion. It will also have a special bloom that happens only on the full moon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three new flowers....

Katy and I have been having fun experimenting with different materials for our solar flower kit!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cleveland Mini Maker Faire

Last weekend I took part in the Cleveland Mini Maker Faire! It was great fun, 20 kids and adults got to build my solar flower kit and everyone had a great time. It is really inspiring to be a part of something like this, something that celebrates technology and our ability to make things, while also educating and inspiring kids and people of all ages. Thank you James Krouse and all the people at Ingenuity Fest for making this happen!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ReSyZyGy Talks

In the spirit of David Dunlap, I have re-invigorated the SyZyGy Lecture Series. These talks invite local faculty, staff, and other folks who have a story to tell. We work with so many people everyday, and commonly we have never seen their work, or heard their stories. Adam Kruger presented first and had some amazing stories- this guy has no inhibitions when it comes to putting himself on the line in pursuit of his work. And David Dunlap unveiled a bit of his history, explaining an ark of all the books he'd ever read, and how is daughters, Emma and Nelle, are inextricably linked to his work. Finally, Nacho Zamora gave an inspiring talk about his work as a curator and entrepreneur in the field of solar art.

Each talk is followed by a creativity rally, where we sometimes make things, and play music with lights and dance.